Copy of About Langston Galloway

Welcome to LGKicks!

I am Langston Galloway and I love sneakers. My passion for sneakers did not just start when I became an NBA player; it began back when I was a little kid growing up in my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up, I could not have every pair that I wanted but that did not stop me from cherishing every pair that I did own. Those values from my upbringing gave me the perspective and drive that now guide my life. Most importantly, it taught me to appreciate the story each one of the pairs in my collection tells, which makes every Sneakerhead’s collection unique.

What I have learned in my journey is that your shoe collection is synonymous with who you are. LGKicks tells the story of who I am through my sneaker collection in various forms, including my blog, my podcast and the custom shoes that I am fortunate enough to be able to wear on a nightly basis while playing professional basketball.

What LGKicks also does is show you who others are - by sharing their sneaker collections and letting them tell you their stories. I am excited about LGKicks and about having the opportunity to cultivate creativity in the sneaker community. You can expect to see LGKicks coming through a closet near you soon.